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About Us

Suraiya Private Limited is the oldest and largest established manufacturer of specialty Smectone Organoclays clays in India. We are the foremost and most experienced manufacturer, processor and exporter in the field of quality consistent Organoclays, specialty refined Bentonite powders, purified Kaolins (China clays), refined and microfine Bengel Attapulgite clays, Rheological Additives and Cationic Surfactants.

Established in 1949 at Kachchh Mandvi, Gujarat in India, we commenced manufacturing operations of non-edible oils and value added derivatives. Within a decade we steadily progressed into a rapidly growing and efficient national corporate entity. Armed with a strong in house R&D and indigenous technology, we rapidly and steadfastly diversified operations around the clay rich resources of our corporate township Kachchh Mandvi, India, into manufacturing and processing of specialty value added Bentonites and technology intensive Organoclay gellants and rheological additives under our brand ‘Smectone’ Clays.

Commensurate with the moving times, we effectively planned expansion and prepared ourselves with strategically located units to take on the growing overseas organoclay markets and to compete internationally with specialty ‘Smectone’ clays and customer centric services in the global arena. The company is today successfully and competitively establishing itself in the growing global markets with indigenous technology and a full range of quality international products.

Our Products

Smectone Organoclays

These are superior and established import substitute rheological additives, gellants and thickeners equivalent to internationally renowned organoclays for all solvent borne systems, organic liquids and oils where thickening, gelling, anti setting, anti sagging, body, tack and viscosity controlling characteristics are desired. The full Smectone Clay range performs effectively across the aliphatic and aliphatic/aromatic blend of solvents, including low, low – medium, medium – high polarity range with activation as in conventional organoclays and without activation for super and easy dispersion as in 2nd generation organoclays. Incorporation is simplified to yield consistency and uniformity in major formulations with simple mechanical action (milling / shearing / grinding) and with or without chemical activation (polar solvent) as desired.

Purified Kaolin / China Clays

These are selectively mined and processed Purified Kaolin / China Clays with micro fine particle sizing and high kaolinitic content of consistent quality and purity for Fillers, Art Materials, Ceramic, FRP, Zeolites and Construction Chemical Industries. Also offer superfine HRC clays for specialty Automotive Tyre and Rubber Industries.

DDAC 75 – Cationic Surfactant

Introducing for the 1st time in India, the ready availability of this internationally acknowledged and extensively used specialty softening agent and quat DDAC in 75% concentration and 90% concentration. DDAC 75 is recommended and widely used as a proven softening agent and softener for textiles and fabrics, wetting agent for dyes and pigments, in sugar refining, effluent treatment etc. DDAC 90EQ is the latest in ester based softeners, which are eco friendly and bio degradable. Ideally adaptable to higher concentrations. Ester based softeners are gaining international acceptance and recognition as an effective environment friendly softening agent recommended for softener concentrates for daily wash, laundromats, washing machines, etc.

Refined Bentonite Clays

Selectively mined and blended, superior graded Bentonite Clays (Montmorillonite family) are stringently processed for quality consistency and refined for specialty performances to yield high viscosity, gelling and anti settling characteristics in water and aqueous formulations including coatings and textured finishes, welding electrodes, chemicals, adhesives, sealants, water proofing, art materials, etc . These are available in Ca and Na grades and optimized on application basis. We also manufacture and offer superior refined and microfine Bentonites equivalent to IP/BP specifications for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Personal Care Products. Special advantages and characteristics include purity, fine particle sizing, lubricity, absorbency, bonding strength and ease of dispersion tailored to user requirements. Selected & processed natural Bentonites are available and recommended for high end quality Animal Feed & Premix Industries as effective Mycotoxin Binders exclusively for exports.

Bengel Clays

These are selectively mined, blended and processed refined specialty clays of the Attapulgite, Fullers Earth, Ball Clay, Multani Mitti family specially processed and micronized to yield fine particle sizing, controlled gelling, antisettling, plasticity and thixotropic characteristics in all aqueous and alcohol / water based formulations across a wide pH range. Their uses are in Textured Finishes & Coating, Water Based Coatings, Gels, Foundry Coatings and Washes, Adhesives, Sealants, Water proofing Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Personal care products, Toiletries, etc. as per user specs.

Contact Us

Contact:Mr. Sailesh Suraiya (Director)
Phone:+91 22 2267 3174 / +91 75750 85198
Office (Sales & Export):310, Hari Chambers, 58 / 64, S.B. Singh Road, Mumbai 400 023, Maharashtra (India)
Regd Office & Plant:New Gate, Kachchh Mandvi, Gujarat 370465 (India)
Branch Office:9 Rabindra Sarani, Kolkata 700073, W.B. (India)